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Online dating was something I thought I would never have to deal with.  The breakup of my marriage caught me by surprise (it shouldn't have, but it did) and after about a year of being single I decided to take the plunge. 

At first I was very uncomfortable, I felt incompetent, exposed, and vulnerable. Online dating emphasized my single status and I felt even more lonely.

Everything was on the table again: my age, my weight, was I attractive, what music is cool to listen to now, what movies, what books. Ugh! Everyone had advice, especially those who have never used online dating sites or apps before.

But of course, while I was redefining the love portion of my life, I was still a user experience strategist with 20 years of experience looking at digital products. Once I got past all of that angst, I started looking more deeply at the experience and the more I looked, the more I talked to people, the more convinced I became that:

  1. Online dating is designed by the numbers and it's all geared to get you to sign up, to pay, to keep coming back
  2. It's changing the way we form relationships, how we perceive potential matches
  3. It doesn't have to be a numbers game, there is room for humanity in the mix

And so, that leads us to the birth of the Digital Love Project. It's time to take a deep look at online dating, not just the numbers, but the feelings and the experiences.