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Ask anyone who has tried or is using online dating, there are stories. Good ones, bad ones, crazy ones... We want to hear your stories so that we can better understand how people view the online dating experience. Please tell us your story (or stories!) and share your experiences around choosing an app or a site, creating your profile, looking at potential matches, sending and/or receiving messages, and setting that first date. We are interested in the experience, both the things you did and how you felt.

If you decide that it's okay for us to share your story on this site, we'll change names, locations and any potentially identifying details so that your privacy and that of the people in your stories is protected.

Don't worry, we'll ask you first! We'll never post stories without your permission.

We'll never give your name or contact info to anyone outside of The Digital Love Project.


Our research process

Curious about how the research process? We've designed a rigorous research plan that will give us the insights we need to reimagine the online dating world.

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We know that this is a huge project and we're asking big questions. We want to collaborate with advisors, contributors, sponsors, and investors. 

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